Tasmania’s first ever All Nations and Kickstart teams goes away this Saturday for the Diversity Championships.

The two teams are the historic first ever all Tasmanian teams competing in the All Nations and Kickstart divisions. They will compete in the National Diversity carnival in Blacktown (Western Sydney) from April the 8th through to April the 13th, 2017. All games will be take place at Blacktown and teams from right across the country will compete in the KickStart and All Nations tournaments, as part of the Diversity Carnival.

This is an exciting time for Tasmania football to be able to field the first ever All Nations and Kickstart  team.

The All Nations team was selected from one state and three regional try-outs. The side consists of players mixed up with various Tasmanian Football Academies and others who are good club players. The team will be coached by Tasmania State League senior Coach in Clinton Proctor, with his assistants in Jimmy Aganas and Hadi Rezaie. This is a good platform for Tasmania, to help launch this program for the coming years.


  1. Oliver Burrows – Cheng – Oliver is a very strong in and under player with excellent skills. He has a long penetrating kick that helps link up other players in the team.
  1. Jayden Applebee – Jayden is a very skilful onballer, with a High level on skill execution. Very fast with a good engine which enables him to run all day.
  1. Jordan Iramu – Jordan comes into the team after a great 2016 season where he won the NTJFA under 14 competition’s best and fairest. Jordan is a very fierce competitor who doesn’t give up.

The selected team consists of 13 – 16 year old boys with a wide range of muliticultural backgrounds. To be selected in the team you must have multicultural heritage.


No. Given Name Surname Name Cultural Heritage – Nationality Region Height Weight
1 Duhkim Thangval Burmese Mowbray 160cm 55kg
2 Thomas Liefhebber Dutch Wynyard 173cm 55kg
3 Ashley Rowlands Sri Lankan Oatlands 166cm 60kg
4 Noah Moroney Scottish North Hobart 163cm 48kg
5 James Wallace Philippines Riverside 177cm 63kg
6 Bruk Duggan Ethiopian Cradoc 173cm 55kg
7 Tarun Welling Indian/SA Franklin 178cm 56kg
8 Jayden Applebee Philippines Kingston 174cm 77kg
9 William Hodgman English Sandy Bay 180cm 63kg
10 Oliver Burrows-Cheng Malaysian Kingston 181cm 83kg
11 Reuben Muan Burmese Invermay 173cm 65kg
12 William Haley New Zealand Launceston 183cm 73kg
13 Jordan Iramu PNG/Polish West Launceston 175cm 60kg
14 Marcus OKeefe Indonesia Youngtown 180cm 63kg
15 Poasi La’akulu Tongan Mowbray 180cm 79kg
16 Tony Aganas Sudanese Prospect Vale 185cm 80kg
17 Lloyd Gallaher Maori Smithton 179cm 81kg
18 Tane Routledge Maori Wynyard 187cm 80kg
19 Sam Bruinewould Dutch Longford 194cm 83kg


Over the last 4 – 5 years Tasmania have been linking in with AFL Victoria and sending the state’s best aboriginal boys over to try out fore the Victoria team.

This year,  AFL Tasmania have done a power of work to pull this team together where the state can now give other aboriginal boys around the State the opportunity to represent Tasmania. Similar to the All Nations team there were three regional and one state try outs to select the final team. The team will be coached by Rulla Mansell and assisted by Guy Grey.


  1. Will Levy – Corby – has just arrived to our state via Queensland. Will represented Queensland in the Kick Start program in 2016. Will is a big strong boy that will give us plenty of options down back or up forward.
  1. Harry Ireland – Is a tall developing ruckman that shows a lot of potential. A big summer of rowing has built his strength up which will help him impact the game around the ground.
  1. Ethan Mansell – is a small onballer with excellent skills. Ethan is a versatile player who can play in various positions around the ground. His ability to link up with his running ability will bring others into play.


No. Given Name Surname Name Indigenous Cultural Heritage Region Height Weight
1 Ethan Mansell pakana Ravenswood 173cm 56kg
2 Liam Flanigan pakana Ulverstone 173cm 52kg
3 Bailey Grey pakana Smithton 176cm 55kg
4 Jesse Shepheard pakana Ulverstone 170cm 63kg
5 Corey Breadmore Palawa East Devonport 175cm 66kg
6 Jimmy Richards Palawa Riana 171cm 64kg
7 Rhyan Mansell pakana Prospect 176cm 65kg
8 Riley James pakana Stowport 175cm 65kg
9 Sherrin Egger pakana Deloraine 179cm 70kg
10 Gilbert Riley pakana Deloraine 175cm 66kg
11 Austin Maynard pakana Georgetown 178cm 65kg
12 Ethan Tarrant pakana Legana 178cm 67kg
13 Toby Reeves pakana Smithton 183cm 68kg
14 Thomas Dwyer pakana Longford 182cm 67kg
15 Jonty McIvor pakana Rocky Cape 179cm 66kg
16 Warrick Purton palawa Turners Beach 181cm 70kg
17 Che Haines pakana Hillwood 179cm 70kg
18 Harry McIvor pakana Rocky Cape 183cm 69kg
19 Leiwyn Jones palawa/Kija West Launceston 193cm 74kg
20 Harry Ireland palawa West Hobart 195cm 77kg
21 Will Levi -Corby Torres Straight Is Clarence 185cm 85kg
22 Trey Thomas pakana Legana 182cm 90kg