Advocate LogoBy Jordan Abell

THE Coast’s own Aussie rules competition has been renamed.

The old Northern Tasmanian Football League (NTFL) is to be now officially known as the North West Football League (NWFL).

The decision was voted on by club delegates at Tuesday night’s annual meeting, where they were given three options, in NWFL, NWTFL and NWFU, to choose from.

NWFU was eliminated first before a strong majority opted for the eventual name.

League president Andrew Richardson said the executive was  happy with the competition’s new branding, that includes the modern logo revealed last month.

‘‘I just think it is truly reflective of where we come from now,’’ he said.

‘‘The name is reflective of our region and I think the logo reinforces that as well.

‘‘It’s a positive fit and one we can be very proud of moving forward.

‘‘I know we had a poll and the public fancied NWFU but it was the clubs who had the right to change it to what they wanted.

‘‘It’s interesting that the NWFU was such a strong choice with the public but the clubs were decisive and it’s not like they weren’t given the NWFU as an option.’’

A new constitution wasn’t adopted at the annual meeting as originally planned but Richardson said that would be agreed on in February to coincide with next season’s launch.

He said not a lot would be altered from the constitution that is already in place, labelling it a ‘‘general tidy up’’.

‘‘We’re continuing on pretty much as normal, there’s just a couple of minor things that need changing,’’ Richardson said.

‘‘For instance, the NTFL’s constitution said we could accept teams from Oatlands to the West Coast. That’s a fairly big area so we’re reducing that and we’re renaming some of the awards.’’

Meanwhile, former league general manager Ian Wotherspoon was elected as co-patron alongside Paddy Martin on Tuesday night to replace the late Neil Rawson, who was the founding president of the NTFL in 1987.

‘‘Ian was quite rapt to be nominated and elected into that role,’’ Richardson said.