AFL Tasmania and the Tasmanian Football Council is excited to announce a new partnership with Volunteering Tasmania.

Footy has a massive volunteer base with an estimated 3,500 volunteers engaged in clubs and leagues across all levels of football, in Tasmania. This week is National Volunteer Week and is a fantastic time to celebrate the contribution of volunteers in Football.

AFL Tasmania and the Tasmanian Football Council values the significant contribution volunteers have on driving Tasmanian footy and are excited by what the partnership with Volunteering Tasmania will bring.  Community Football reaches close to 40,000 people each year, with over 1,000 games to be contested this season.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the game, particularly at grass roots level,” AFL Tasmania Community Engagement and Partnerships Manager Trish Squires said.

“With Women’s football exploding, now more than ever there is a strong need for volunteers and there is increasingly more for volunteers to do.

“There are some fantastic people that do so much for the sport that need to be celebrated. It would also be great to get more community volunteer support to lessen the load on those valuable people.

“We know at all levels of our game face there are challenges in recruiting and retaining volunteers and we believe the partnership with Volunteering Tasmania will help to address some of these concerns.”

“The new partnership with Volunteering Tasmania will assist to stimulate more volunteers into getting involved in the game and will look after those volunteers that make our sport tick,” Squires said.

Volunteering Tasmania will assist to widen the recruitment net for clubs and associations beyond sporting networks. By joining Volunteering Tasmania as a Corporate Member, AFL Tasmania is supporting Volunteering Tasmania to deliver their great services to the wider community, and has the opportunity to work with them on pilot programs over the coming year.

“We welcome the opportunity to work closely with AFL Tasmania to make our existing products and services even more accessible and useful for the Sport and Rec sector,” said Alison Lai, CEO of Volunteering Tasmania.

“Tassie is a footy state, and with roughly 40,000 locals participating in the sport every year, it quite possibly has the highest no of volunteers in any sport within Tasmania,” she said.

“We congratulate AFL Tasmania for taking the steps to acknowledge the value of their volunteers, but also the importance of effective management and development of their volunteer programs. We look forward to working with them in partnership to develop the tools and resources they need,” she said.