While plenty of attention has been on those attending the 2018 National Draft Combine, a number of Tasmanians impressed with their performances at the Rookie Me and State combines late last week. 

North Launceston’s Rhyan Mansell was Tasmania’s lone attendee at the Victorian State Combine, while Lachie Gadomski, Matt McGuinness and Jay Lockhart all appeared at the Rookie Me combine.

Below is a wrap of their testing results as all four look to push forward their case for a shot on an AFL list.



Rhyan Mansell impressed. IC: AFL Photos

2018 North Launceston TSL premiership player Rhyan Mansell did his draft chances no harm with a strong display in testing.

Mansell was particularly impressive with the 20m sprint, with a time that would have placed him inside the top 10 at the Draft Combine, as well as an agility score of 8.3 – second only to Chayce Jones out of the Tasmanian contingent at the Draft Combine)

Rhyan Mansell 

Vertical Jump: 61

Running Vertical Jump (Left): 69

Running Vertical Jump (Right): 70

Agility: 8.42 (10th at Victoria State Combine)

20m Sprint: 2.96 (eighth at Victoria State Combine)

Yo-Yo Test: 20.5



Tiger Lachie Gadomski and Lauderdale Bomber Matt McGuinness both stood tall during their testing at the Rookie Me combine, with the pair’s athleticism on full display.

Gadomski was particularly impressive with his efforts in the Agility Test, 20m Sprint and Yo-Yo Test, while McGuinness also stood tall in these areas.


Lachie Gadomski 

Vertical Jump: 67 (fifth at Rookie Me combine)

Running Vertical Jump (Left): 80 (eighth at Rookie Me combine)

Running Vertical Jump (Right): 66

Agility: 8.104 (fourth at Rookie Me combine) – would have finished in top 10 at National Combine

20m Sprint: 3.01 (third at Rookie Me combine)

Yo-Yo Test: 20.80 (fourth at Rookie Me combine)

Lachie Gadomski’s athleticism was on full display at the Rookie Me combine. IC: Solstice Digital

Matt McGuinness

Vertical Jump: 59

Running Vertical Jump (Left): 71

Running Vertical Jump (Right): 72 (seventh at Rookie Me combine)

Agility: 8.351 (sixth at Rookie Me combine)

20m Sprint: 3.04 (fifth at Rookie Me combine)

Yo-Yo Test: 20.70

Matt McGuinness looms as an exciting Rookie prospect. IC: Solstice Digital



22-year-old Tasmanian Jay Lockhart was also in attendance at the Rookie Me Combine after being named in the VFL Team of the Year after a stellar campaign with the Casey Demons. 

Jay Lockhart did his draft chances no harm. IC: AFL Photos

Lockhart, a key player for North Launceston in 2017, tested well – doing his case for a shot at the big time no harm whatsoever.

Jay Lockhart

22 year old Lockhart

Vertical Jump: 63 (seventh at Rookie Me combine)

Running Vertical Jump (Left): 74

Running Vertical Jump (Right): 67

Agility: 8.543

20m Sprint: 3.08

Yo-Yo Test: 21.2 (third at Rookie Me combine)