Ticket to Play is a Tasmanian Government initiative designed to reduce the cost of participating in club sporting activities for Tasmanian children.

Tasmanian children aged 5 to 17 who are listed on a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card, or who are in Out of Home Care, are eligible for a voucher of up to $100 in value to be used towards the cost of club membership.

Eligibility and registration

Who is eligible for a voucher?

Applicants must be:

  • living in Tasmania;
  • aged between 5 and 17 years old at the time of application; and
  • be listed on a valid Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card (either their own or their parent, guardian or carer’s) or be in Out of Home Care.

Who is eligible to be an activity provider?

Sporting clubs, Scouts, Girl Guide and Cadet organisations are eligible to be activity providers where they meet the following criteria:

  • are an incorporated, not-for-profit entity; and
  • have appropriate processes in place to ensure compliance with the Working with Vulnerable People 2013 Act.

In addition, sporting clubs must be:

  • a provider of a sport recognised by Sport Australia; and
  • affiliated to the relevant state or national sporting organisation;

How do clubs register to be an activity provider?

State Sporting Organisations and State Administrative Providers have provided Communities Tasmania with a list of their affiliated clubs/units who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in being part of the program.

Once the portal is available, if you can’t find your club/unit in the ‘Find an approved activity provider’ tab, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation at tickettoplay@communities.tas.gov.au or on 1800 252 476.


Why do clubs need to register to be an activity provider?

Using a registration process helps ensure that activity providers meet a set of standards that ensures participants have safe, fair, inclusive environments and that the participation experience is a positive one that encourages them to continue participating.

How do we update club information?

If clubs need to update any details, contact Communities, Sport and Recreation at tickettoplay@communities.tas.gov.au.

How can a club be removed from the program?

If a club has been included as an activity provider on the portal but does not wish to be involved in the program, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation on 1800 252 476 or by email tickettoplay@communities.tas.gov.au.

How do we promote our involvement in the program?

Communities, Sport and Recreation will provide an electronic poster you can print out and display at your club or share on your social media pages. We will also provide you with the link to the Tasmanian Government facebook page which will be advertising the program to share.

About the vouchers

What can the voucher be used for?

Vouchers can only be used to subsidise the cost of membership. Vouchers cannot be used for equipment, uniforms, boots etc. when these are not included as part of the membership fee.

How much is the voucher worth?

The voucher provides up to $100 to offset the cost of membership. If the club membership fee is less than $100, the voucher can only be redeemed for this amount. If the membership fee is greater than $100, the voucher holder will be required to pay the remaining balance.

Can we increase club fees to maximise reimbursement?

No. At this stage the program is only funded for one year. However, should it be ongoing, activity providers will not be re-approved where it is found that they set their registration fees to maximise benefit from the program. Increasing fees to maximise reimbursement from the program will impact on existing members who are not eligible for the voucher scheme and will not welcome the cost increase.

How long are the vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are available from 7 February 2019 and must be presented by the applicant by 30 November 2019. Vouchers can be redeemed until 16 December 2019.

Can the voucher be used at more than one organisation?

No, the vouchers are single use only.