Tasmania’s under-12 School Sports Australia (SSA) team is set to compete at the National Championships in the ACT this week. 

The team 23-player squad is made up of prodigious talents from across the state, with Jacob Furphy (Smithton Primary School) and Jude Butler (Taroona Primary School) the co-captains for the week-long Carnival.

The team will be coached by Jamieson Smalley of Elizabeth College, with Peter Brown (Forest Primary School) and Kurt Wheeler (Launceston Football Club) his assistants.

The team will play seven shortened ’round’ matches across the opening four days before being placed in either Pool A or Pool B based on results.

Best of luck to everyone involved!!

Match details and the full squad can be found below.

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Number STUDENT School 
First Last name
1 Max Geappen Howrah Primary
2 Josh Corkery Riverside Primary
3 Liam Ling Brighton Primary
4 Oliver Kubank Sacred Heart Primary
5 Jacob Wheeler Riverside Primary
6 Conner Ling Brighton Primary
7 Maverick Smalley Snug Primary
8 Aiden O’Connor Riverside Primary
9 Jack Wilson Hutchins School
10 Harry Sylvester Corpus Christi Catholic School
11 Max Roney Sacred Heart Primary
12 Charlie Hastie Holy Rosary Catholic School
13 Blake Harper Howrah Primary
14 Darcy Noonan Corpus Christi Catholic School
15 Marty Brereton St Aloysius Catholic College
16 Tommy Bennett Hutchins School
17 Jude Butler Taroona Primary
18 Riley Donlan Scotch Oakburn College
19 Nathanial Sulzberger St Virgils College
20 Campbell Atkins Riverside Primary
21 Jack Applebee Ulverstone Primary
22 Jacob Furphy Smithton Primary
23 Fletcher Richards Lindisfarne Primary


SSA 12&U Australian Football Championship Fixture 2018
Day 1
Sunday 12 Aug
Opening Ceremony 8.30 – 9.00am
Round 1 Round 2
9.30am ACT v WA 1.10pm WA v NSW
10.25am NSW v VIC 2.05pm ACT v NT
11.20am NT v TAS 3.00pm VIC v QLD
12.15pm QLD v SA 3.55pm SA v TAS
Round Games Format – 15min halves with a 7min half time break
Day 2
Monday 13 Aug
Round 3 Round 4
9.00am NSW v QLD 12.40pm QLD v WA
9.55am ACT v SA 1.35pm NT v SA
10.50am TAS v VIC 2.30pm NSW v TAS
11.45am WA v NT 3.25pm ACT v VIC
Day 3
Tuesday 14 Aug
Round 5 Round 6
9.00am NT v VIC 12.40pm WA v TAS
9.55am QLD v TAS 1.35pm SA v VIC
10.50am SA v WA 2.30pm QLD v ACT
11.45am ACT v NSW 3.25pm NT v NSW
Day 4
Wed 15 Aug
Excursion Day
Round 7
9.30am WA v VIC 1.30pm SA v NSW
10.40am TAS v ACT 3.00pm NT v QLD
Excursion Session 1 Excursion Session 2
Pool Games – Pool placement will be determined by final placings after the Round Games, 1st through 4th will be placed in Pool A, 5th through 8th will be placed in Pool B.
Format – 15min quarters, 5min quarter breaks, 10 min half time.
Day 5
Thursday 16 Aug
Pool A Pool B
9.00am 1 v 4 10.45am 1 (5th in Rds) v 4 (8th in Rds)
12.30pm 2 v 3 2.15pm 2 (6th in Rds) v 3 (7th in Rds)
Day 6
Friday 17 Aug
Pool A Pool B
9.00am 4 v 2 10.45am 4 (8th in Rds) v 2 (6th in Rds)
12.30pm 3 v 1 2.15pm 3 (7th in Rds) v 1 (5th in Rds)
Day 7
Saturday 18 Aug
Pool A Pool B
9.45am 3 v 4 8.15am 3 (7th in Rds) v 4 (8th in Rds)
12.45pm 1 v 2 11.15am 1 (5th in Rds) v 2 (6th in Rds)
Closing Ceremony 2.30 – 3.00pm