The final playing pathway in the talent identification process has been completed with the Wrest Point TSLW Under 18 Development Series now completed.

Over 130 players strutted their stuff through the development series after being identified via school, club and community programs.

Leigh Elder, AFL Tasmania Female Talent Manager said the series showcased the explosion in Tasmanian female talent.

“The depth of talent has increased immensely, once quite an easy process to select the best 24 players in the state it is now very challenging and for all the right reasons.

“Although we will fine tune the TSLW U18 Development Series, it was a major step forward in the talent pathway for both the clubs and the State selectors,” Elder added.

The players listed below will now go through the process of athletic testing on Saturday 14th April. Players born in 2000 and 2001 will be the basis of the squad although the state can apply for dispensation for players born in 1999 or 2002.

The final Tasmanian AFLW Under 18 academy will be announced within a fortnight of the testing after the data has been analysed, with 28-30 players likely to make it through to the academy.

Ashya Rodman (2002)
Chloe Haines (2000)
Lauren Stevenson (1999)
Libby Haines (2000)
Mya Slatter (2002)
Sam Langmaid (2000)
Shaeli Rodman (2000)
Shelby Rayner (2001)

Bella Goward (2001)
Chloe Wells (2000)
Jenna Farrow (1999)
Jessica Minifie (2001)
Melaine Wise (2000)
Netty Garlo (2002)
Tahlia Bortingnon (2001)

Elise Barwick (1999)
Hannah Smith (2001)
Holly Ryan (2001)
Jade Williams (2001)
Jasmine Tate Turvey (2000)

Amy Halaby (2001)
Camilla Taylor (2001)
Emma Manix Geeves (2000)
Georgia Hill (1999)
Kelsie Hill (2002)
Meg Radford (2000)
Mia King (2001)
Sian Beeton (2002)

North Launceston
Bonnie Farrell (2001)
Carly Farrow (2001)
Sophie Farrow (2001)

Blaise Miller Hill (2000)
Hailee Baldwin (2002)
Priscilla Atim (2001)