All Abilities

AFL Tasmania is committed to ensuring people of all ages, and varying abilities, have the opportunity to be part of our supportive AFL community across Tasmania.

In a range of programs and competitions, AFL Tasmania, and our affiliated competitions and leagues, support players, coaches, umpires and officials with various programs and competitions modified to cater to individuals with physical and mental limitations.

AFL Tasmania engages at school and community sports days along with providing AAA programs that are designed to meet the needs of children with a specific disability

Participation in Wheelchair Aussie Rules and the National Inclusion Carnival are just some of the many programs available that meet the needs of individuals with disability.

Inclusion Come and Try days
AFL Tasmania partner New Horizons Club in the promotion and awareness of come and try opportunities for players with an intellectual disability who want to enjoy Aussie Rules football.
Various events are held during the year and in the lead up to the selection of the Tasmanian team to participate at the National Inclusion Carnival.  Come and Try days are open to players of all abilities.
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Here is a great resource with supporting kids with disability in Auskick –
Wheelchair Aussie Rules
AFL Tasmania support ParaQuad Tasmania (Disability Sport) in the promotion and awareness of Wheelchair Aussie Rules in Tasmania.
There is a weekly come and try event held in Hobart at Clarence Sports Centre each week (6-8pm) with plans to expand this to the North and North West regions as well.
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Inclusion National Carnival
New Horizons Club and AFL Tasmania support the Tasmanian team for footballers with an intellectual disability to compete at the week-long AFL National Inclusion Carnival.
Games consist of four 10-minute quarters with each team in the Carnival fielding 15 players with three on the interchange bench.
Wheelchair Aussie Rules National Championships
AFL Tasmania support ParaQuad Tasmania (Disability Sport) support the Tasmanian team for footballers with a physical disability to compete at the Wheelchair Aussie Rules National Carnival
Games consist of two teams of five players with interchange players. The field is an indoor basketball or netball court divided into three zones. Teams’ score by hand balling (kick) or passing the football into their attacking scoring zone to the designated scorer who can score a goal or behind by hand balling the ball between the goal posts. A mark is awarded when the ball has travelled 3 metres.
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