Defibrillator Programs


Further to discussions at the Hydro Tasmania AFL Conference where a number of clubs and leagues expressed interest in defibrillators (or AEDs – Automatic External Defibrillators) St John’s Ambulance have recommended the Philips/Laerdal HeartStart First Aid Defibrillator (HS1) ( (including wall mount and AED sign) which retails for over $3,000 but utilising the Defibs in Clubs program and a discount from St John Ambulance they can be made available to footy clubs for $1,700 inc GST each. St John will also provide familiarisation training for the HeartStart (which is a non-certificate training course) which will be available to anyone who wants to attend (no limit to the number of attendees).

Clubs may also want look at joining Ambulance Tasmania’s Early Access to Defibrillation Program ( which takes advantage of publicly-accessible AEDs across Tasmania. If a cardiac arrest occurs within a few blocks of a registered machine, its owner will be alerted and where possible, take their defibrillator to the scene to help the patient. A great opportunity for clubs to assist their communities!


Deloraine defibrillators
Bracknell Football Club (NTFA)
Bridgenorth Football Club (NTFA)
Burnie Football Club (TSL/NWFL)
Claremont Football Club (SFL)
Deloraine Football Club (NTFA)
Deloraine Junior Football Club (NTJFA)
Evandale Football Club (NTFA)
George Town Football Club (NTFA)
Hillwood Football Club (NTFA)
Latrobe Football Club (NWFL)
Leven Football Association (Castra, Mole Creek, Railton, Wilmot)
Lilydale Football Club (NTFA)
Longford Football Club (NTFA)
Meander Valley Suns Football Club (NTFA)
Mount Pleasant Football Club (ODFA)
Old Launcestonians Football Club (NTFA)
Old Scotch Football Club (NTFA)
Perth Football Club (NTFA)
Prospect Football Club (NTFA)
Rocherlea Football Club (NTFA)
Sandy Bay Junior Football Club (STJFL)
Scottsdale Football Club (NTFA)
Sheffield Football Club (NWFA)
Smithton Football Club (NWFL)
South Launceston Football Club (NTFA)
St Patricks Football Club (NTFA)
Tamar Cats Football Club (NTFA)
University-Mowbray Football Club (NTFA)
Wynyard Football Club (NWFL)

Ambulance Tasmania’s Early Access to Defibrillation Program is designed to take advantage of the many publically-accessible Automatic External Defibrillators (known as “AEDs “) across Tasmania.  If a cardiac arrest occurs within a few blocks of a registered machine, its owner will be alerted and, where possible, take their defibrillator to the scene to help the patient.

Most people think you have to be trained in using an AED. This is not correct. Knowledge of first aid is not required to register your AED and become a participant in the Early Access to Defibrillation Program, but training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of defibrillators is strongly encouraged for all Tasmanians.

You cannot do any harm to a person by applying an AED. You just have to turn it on and the machine will talk you through everything you need to do in simple steps – so have a go, you may just save a life.

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The Defib Your Club For Life (DYCFL) foundation was established in memory of 19-year-old Stephen Buckman, a Rupertswood Football Club (VIC) player who collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest during training in May 2010.  The organisation was founded by Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic Andrew White with the aim of raising the awareness of how simple it can be to help save lives through the implementation of automatic defibrillators programs at sporting clubs.  

Andrew says, “Our goal is simple, to put as many defibrillators in to clubs as possible.  We want to empower clubs to react to their own cardiac emergency armed with the appropriate equipment, skill and understanding to do so prior to ambulance arrival.  For every minute that passes following a cardiac collapse, equates to a 10% less chance of survival.  Access to public defibrillators is vital, they are simple to use and may help save the life of someone close to you.”

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Project Defib is a national program by Red Cross College – the training arm of Australian Red Cross.  The program aims to assist sporting clubs in Australia to purchase a defibrillator to assist in reducing the number of fatalities resulting from cardiac arrest.  The program provides access to a subsidy grant for eligible clubs.

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