Good Sports

GS RGB Colour Positive Logo+Tag-5Good Sports provides free support to sporting clubs to change their culture and reduce high risk drinking. Under the program, clubs will focus more on young people, families and sport participation and less on drinking alcohol.

The three-level accreditation criteria provide alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and/or consume alcohol. Clubs move through the levels over a period of 3 – 5 years, maintaining all standards from previous levels as they progress.

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Tasmanian Good Sports Clubs

 Level 3:

Branxholm Football ClubNorth East FU
Burnie Dockers Football ClubTasmanian State League
Claremont Football ClubSFL
Cuprona Football ClubDarwin FA
Devonport Football ClubTasmaina State League
Dodges Ferry Football Club IncSFL
East Coast Swans Football ClubNorth East FU
East Devonport Football ClubNTFL
East Ulverstone Football ClubNorth West FA
Forest Stanley Football ClubCircular Head FA
Forth Football ClubNorth West FA
Hillwood Football ClubNTFA
Kingborough Tigers Football ClubSFL
Lindisfarne Football ClubSFL
Motton Preston Football ClubNorth West FA
New Norfolk Football ClubSFL
North Launceston Football Club IncTasmanian State League
Richmond Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Ridgley Football ClubDarwin FA
Rosebery-Toorak Football ClubNorth West FA
Scotchtown Football ClubCircular Head FA
Scottsdale Crows Football ClubNorth East FU
Smithton Saints Football ClubNTFL
Sorell Football ClubSFL
Spreyton Football ClubNorth West FA
Turners Beach Football ClubNorth West FA
University Mowbray Football ClubNTFA
Wesley Vale Football ClubNorth West FA

Level 2:

Bracknell Football ClubNTFA
Bridgenorth Football ClubNTFA
Bridport Football ClubNEFU
Central Hawks Football ClubSFL
Channel Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Cygnet Football ClubSFL
Deloraine Football ClubNTFA
Evandale Football ClubNTFA
Fingal Valley Football ClubNTFA
George Town Football ClubNTFA
Glenorchy Football ClubTasmanian State League
Hobart Football ClubSFL
Huonville Lions Football ClubSFL
Latrobe Football ClubNTFL
Lauderdale Football ClubTasmanian State League
Launceston Football ClubTasmanian State League
Lilydale Football ClubNorth East FU
Longford Football ClubNTFA
Meander Valley Football ClubLevenFA
Mole Creek Football ClubLeven FA
Mt Pleasant Football ClubOatlands District FA
Natone Football ClubDarwin FA
North Hobart Football ClubTasmanian State League
OHA Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Old Launcestonians Football ClubNTFA
Old Scotch Collegians Football ClubNTFA
Penguin Football ClubNTFL
Perth Football ClubNTFA
Queenstown Crows Football ClubDarwin FA
Railton Football ClubLeven FA
Redpa Football Club IncCircular Head FA
Rocherlea Football ClubNTFA
Scottsdale Magpies Football ClubNTFA
Sheffield Football ClubNorth West FA
Somerset Football ClubDarwin FA
South Burnie Football ClubDarwin FA
South Launceston Football ClubNTFA
St Patricks Football ClubNTFA
Tamar Cats Football ClubNTFA
Tasman Peninsula Football Club Inc.Oatlands District FA
Triabunna Football ClubSFL
Trowutta City Football ClubCircular Head FA
Ulverstone Football ClubNTFL
Upper Castra Football ClubLeven FA
West Ulverstone Football ClubNorth Western FA
Wilmot Football ClubLeven FA
Winnaleah Football ClubNorth East FU
Yeoman Football ClubDarwin FA
Yolla Football ClubDarwin FA

Level 1:

Brighton Football ClubSFL
Campania Football ClubOatland District FA
Campbell Town Football ClubOatlands District FA
Circular Head Football Umpires AssociationCircular Head FA
DOSA Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Hutchins School Old Boys Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Irishtown Football ClubCircular Head FA
North Football ClubKing Island FA
Ringarooma Football ClubNorth East FU
St Virgils Old Scholars Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Swansea Football ClubOatlands District FA
Tasmanian University Football ClubOld Scholars FA
Woodsdale Football ClubOatlands District FA
Wynyard Football ClubNTFL