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Since 2004, JLT Sport have provided liability coverage for all incorporated football clubs.  The structure of many football clubs has changed in recent years and this impacts on your insurance.  JLT Sport has identified FOUR different club structures that football clubs may operate under. Please click here to find the description that fits your club to learn what insurance cover your club has under the Australian Football National Risk Protection Programme.

The National Risk Protection Programme is comprised of the following parts:

> Public Liability (coverage provided if sued by a third party)
> Club Management Liability (coverage provided for club committee members)
> Personal Injury (coverage provided for players/members/volunteers if they are injured)
> Asset Protect (coverage provided for material loss or damage to club rooms)

The JLT period of cover is 1st November to 1st November each year.

Participation in the National Risk Protection Programme is compulsory for all Clubs in Tasmania.

Regarding the National Risk Protection Programme, AFLT liaises only with Leagues and Leagues are responsible for liaising with their Clubs. AFLT is invoiced for the programme by the AFL each year and in turn invoices each League. Leagues are responsible for collecting payment from their Clubs.

Please Note: AFLT accepts no responsibility for the information provided by Leagues or their Clubs.  It is the Leagues’ responsibility to ensure the information is correct.  Leagues will be invoiced according to the information provided to AFLT and the invoice each League receives will be final.

If Clubs have any questions they should contact their league or contact JLT.

As soon as an incident occurs that could lead to a claim, Clubs should contact JLT.

All clubs are required to register for the new period of insurance each year (this commences on 1st November) via www.jltsport.com.au. The process confirms a club’s participation in the programme and when completed allows JLT to process Personal Injury claims for members.

A Certificate of Currency is a legal document that demonstrates you have Public and Products Liability Insurance. This document is sometimes required by Councils and/or Facility management. Clubs must first complete the online registration process and JLT Sport Online Risk Management Module to unlock their Certificate of Currency.

Public Liability covers a range of financial risks such as your club’s legal costs or other costs associated with legal action. If sued for breaching duty of care (negligence) clubs can lodge a public liability claim through JLT Sport.

Club Management Liability covers a range of financial risks for Clubs’ directors and officers such as costs associated with legal action if sued for:
> Negligence, libel, slander, defamation, discrimination, etc.
> Employment related matters (unfair dismissal)

Club Management Liability can also cover some of the costs associated with an employee stealing funds from the club.

Personal Injury Cover provides financial assistance in three key areas:
> Non-Medicare Medical Benefits (provides reimbursement for items that are not claimable in any way through Medicare – this does not include the Medicare Gap), e.g. physio, chiro, dental, ambulance, private hospital accommodation.
> Loss of Income Benefits (where included) (provides reimbursement of weekly income)
> Capital Benefits (cover in the event of death or permanent disability)

Please note: It is recommended that all players obtain their own private health insurance. 

Asset Protect is compulsory for all Clubs in Tasmania (Leagues need to apply separately). If Clubs require buildings insurance or increased cover levels they should contact JLT Sport.

Rates are advised to Leagues by AFLT after being advised by JLT Sport each year.

Club/Team Rates for 2015/2016 (inc GST):
Personal Injury:  
$835 per Senior Team (Bronze Level w Quad/Para cover $500,000)
$82.50 per Junior Team (Bronze Level w Quad/Para cover $500,000)
Public Liability/Club Management Liability:
$432 per club
Asset Protect:
$255 per club

All Leagues and Clubs are encouraged to upgrade their cover above the standard Bronze Level. Upgrading cover is optional. Clubs should consider the costs to players and inform members of all decisions made by the club in regard to upgrading cover. Information and prices for upgrading can be found at JLT Sport Upgrades.

Clubs can upgrade Non-Medicare Medical (increase the non-Medicare reimbursements that members receive if injured) and Capital Benefits (increase the compensation payable for Paraplegia and Quadriplegia events). Loss of Income (covers income lost as a result of a football related injury) is an optional extra that clubs or individuals can elect to purchase for additional premium. The various premiums are detailed at www.jltsport.com.au.

Upgraded cover can only be in place from the day it is requested – it will not be backdated to 1st November. If additional cover is required please apply for upgraded cover as soon as possible.

Remember: It is too late to start thinking about upgrading cover after something has happened.

Rates for Capital Benefits Upgrade – Quadripledia and Paraplegia Events Only 2015/2016 (inc GST):
Seniors/Reserves/ Quadriplegia and Paraplegia Upgrades:
1. To $750,000 = Base Cover
2. To $1,000,000 = $137.50 per Team
Juniors/U19 Quadriplegia and Paraplegia Upgrades:
1. To $750,000 = Base Cover
2. To $1,000,000 = $37.50 per Team

Match Day Checklists can be completed in manual paper form or online (via smart phone or tablet).

Club Risk Standards is a new initiative to assist local football clubs.  The program aims to help clubs achieve a minimum standard of safety by guiding them on how to do all things that will greatly reduce the risks they face. It is acknowledged that all clubs face risks and have legal responsibilities. The program helps clubs to address and minimise the risks they naturally face. The program has a number of levels – starting with straight forward simple to address risks for junior clubs through to more complex risks and solutions for state league clubs.  To view the flyer click here.

This information is a summary only. Please refer to JLT Sport and its Product disclosure Statement (incorporating the JDT Scheme Rules) and Insurance Policy for complete details of cover, rights and obligations, terms and conditions. These documents are available at www.jltsport.com.au or by contacting JLT Sport.