Important anti-doping messages for Community Football Leagues: AFL Anti-Doping Flyer

Club players and officials of any Australian Football competition that is operated and managed under the Laws of Australian Football are bound by the AFL Anti-Doping Code. The relevant clause of the Laws of Australian Football is Clause 21. Clause 21.2 of these Laws, Variation and Interpretation, explains how the AFL Anti-Doping Code should be applied by a Controlling Body other than the AFL (eg: AFL Tasmania or a Community Football League).

The Tasmanian State League (TSL) competition and State Academy programs, operated and managed by AFL Tasmania, will have annual education sessions conducted at respective Clubs for players and officials regarding the requirements of the AFL Anti-Doping Code. Players should be well aware that there is a possibility of being tested on match day for prohibited substances under the random testing conducted by ASADA as part of the agreement with AFL Tasmania.

If a player has any doubt whatsoever then they should not consume a medication or supplement without first seeking medical or professional advice on whether it contains a banned performance-enhancing substance. All players should be very careful about the products they choose to purchase and consume. Players have a clear responsibility to know what they are taking and whether it contravenes the anti-doping rules that apply. Performance-enhancing substances will not be tolerated in our game.

Community football players can also be tested by ASADA as the competitions in which they play are operated and managed under the Laws of Australian Football. An education resource is currently being developed for community Leagues to pass on to Clubs and their players.

The strong message is that all players should check whether commercially available products they chose to source contravene the AFL Anti Doping Code prior to purchasing or receiving them. The fact that prohibited substances can be contained within commercially available supplements should serve as a warning to players who choose to purchase and consume these products. Any player purchasing supplements over the internet risks being identified by Australian Customs and referred to ASADA for investigation, with the likely outcome to be a sanction under the AFL Anti-Doping Code. This occurrence highlights the fact that a player does not necessarily need to be tested to breach the Code.

ASADA can help athletes and their support personnel check substances they may have to take, as well as find out more about banned substances and methods (alternatively the ASADA Hotline can be contacted on  1300 027 232). The ASADA website has comprehensive information on anti-doping as well as education resources.

ASADA Pure Performance
PURE PERFORMANCE: Get educated with ASADA e-Learning

ASADA e-Learning is an anti-doping education tool developed for the Australian sporting community. It provides everyone with the opportunity to learn about the key areas of anti-doping such as prohibited substances and methods, therapeutic use exemptions, doping control and whereabouts. All members of Australia’s sporting community can now access a range of anti-doping education programs and contribute to protecting our national sporting integrity.

ASADA offers a range of anti-doping education opportunities for individuals, clubs, schools, state and national sporting organisations. Most programs and resources are available free of charge.

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