Tasmania Devils

Tasmania you asked for it… the Devils are back!

Every Tasmanian football team from Under 12s boys and girls, to TAC Cup to senior men and senior women will now be known as the Tasmania Devils.

It is a return to the beloved name that was used for Tasmania’s VFL program from 2001-2008. The name was decided through a public suggestion and voting process with hundreds of suggestions made by Tasmanians before being shortlisted by an expert panel for the public to vote on. Devils is back by popular demand, with a compelling 75% of total votes being cast for Tasmania Devils.

The name is a nod to the past but now enters a new era for Tasmanian football with a more integrated and resourced pathway to provide greater opportunities for Tasmanian talent. It also sees a return to the TAC Cup for Tasmania’s Under 18 boys next year, an introduction of a female TAC Cup team the following season and a provisional licence for the Devils to join the VFL competition from 2021.

The announcement of the name is accompanied by the reveal of the new Tasmania Devils logo. The new logo strongly represents Tasmania with a roaring Devil front and centre on the instantly recognisable map that forms a shield, all pictured in Tasmania’s traditional bottle green, yellow and maroon. The logo represents the tenacity of the Devil and Tasmanian footballers.

Along with the numbers that play week in week out across Tasmania there is an immense football culture and a burning passion for the game, it is a powerful connector of communities. The state is incredibly passionate about its football exploits, football people and its football teams. There is a belonging to Tasmania in football that few sporting codes or teams can match.

In the years of state of origin ‘the map’ jumper emerged as a symbol of a proud football heartland,  the state’s best against the rest. From 1995 to 2002 saw the era of the Tassie Mariners, the brightest young prospects from the Apple Isle together in the TAC Cup.

From 2002-2008 Tasmania played in the VFL as the Tassie Devils. An identity that quickly caught the passion of the people. It was a cherished time for many Tasmanians, where the state stood together. Fans flocked, players performed and Tasmania united behind one team.

In the years that have passed there has been a yearning for a Tasmanian football identity to belong to again. In 2019, the Devils name is reborn…not just to represent one team but a state, a program, a club. The entire Tasmanian football pathway sits under the same name and brand.

A team that gives every Tasmanian an identity to embrace, a badge to cheer for and a chance for all boys, girls, men and women to realise their football dreams.

The Tasmania Devils vision is a team for all Tasmanians to belong to and unite behind.