AFL Tasmania, in conjunction with the AFL, offer an accreditation course to anyone who is interested in becoming an umpire. 

This course is administered to assist individuals in learning the basic skills and knowledge required to become an umpire, including aspects such as communication, preparation, decision making along with a number of essential aspects which will help beginner umpires be prepared to start their journey.

The AFL Level 1 Umpire Accreditation incorporates a range of competencies to help you gain what’s required to adequately perform the basic tasks associated with umpiring Australian Football at community level.

The Level 1 Accreditation Course involves three tasks:

  • Complete the online component of the accreditation process 

This involves completing an online course of approximately 2 hours, which will:

• Identify personal qualities of an umpire;
• Demonstrate effective self-management skills in the role of Umpiring;
• Demonstrate effective match management strategies to assist effective umpiring;
• Demonstrate understanding of a range of protocols and procedures

To access this online course, CLICK HERE.


  • Attendance at coaching sessions by your local umpiring coaching panel

This involves attending training sessions conducted by your local umpiring group, to learn the skills involved in umpiring in a practical setting. This will include coaching on:

• Positioning;
• Decision Making;
• Communication;
Along with many other skills required to effectively officiate a game of football.


  • The observation of these competencies (skills) in match conditions

This involves going out and umpiring a game of football, practically showing match-day coaches what has been learnt from the online course and training and showing that you are competent in successfully umpiring a game of football.


After all three of these areas have been successfully completed by the individual, the league they are involved in will contact AFL Tasmania and at the end of the season they will be presented with a Level One certificate. 



Level 1:

Level 2:


If this is something that either yourself or a group you are involved in may be interested in completing, please contact Sam Bridges, Umpire Development Coordinator, on 0433 037 759.


For more information on gaining an accreditation to become an umpire, please visit