Become An Umpire

Umpiring… why do it?

What is actually involved in officiating our great game? What do I get out of doing it? These are questions that are commonly asked when we look at why people consider becoming umpires all around Australia.

More and more people, both male and female, are taking an interest in beginning the journey towards officiating at the highest level. But the most important question is this – where do I start?

AFL Tasmania, in conjunction with the umpiring bodies around the state, have the ability to assist anyone who has an interest in becoming an umpire. Whether it be in the field, on the boundary or in the goals, there is opportunities for anyone to become involved in our great game.

For anyone wishing to begin umpiring, or just want some more information about what it involves, what kind of skills you will gain from it or just how much you will be paid each game (yes, umpiring is a paid gig!) – please CLICK HERE.


What skills can I gain from Umpiring?

Communication: This is a key element of umpiring and can carry over into the workplace – it involves communicating with players, other umpires, officials

Conflict Resolution: Dealing with players who are unhappy with a free kick, players that may be wrestling on the field are all aspects of this skill – these skills are taught through training and are an essential part of umpiring

Decision Making: Split second decision making is a crucial aspect of umpiring – and employers in the workplace thrive on people that can make decisions

Management: All the way from managing the game to completing paperwork, filling out report forms ect are all aspects of different management skills that will be learnt through umpiring