Under 18s

The Tassie Mariners Under-18 Academy squad has enjoyed a successful 2018 National Academy Series, finishing the series undefeated. 

The group, coached by Lance Spaulding and captained by Launceston’s Chayce Jones, were dynamic across the five rounds, overcoming the Gold Coast Suns, Northern Territory, Brisbane Lions, Sydney Swans and GWS Giants.

IC: Solstice Digital

Star utility Tarryn Thomas dominated across the duration of the campaign, being awarded the Hunter Harrison Medal as the series’ best and fairest player.

The side was rewarded for an outstanding campaign with 13 players selected in the preliminary Allies squad ahead of the 2018 Under-18 National Championships.



Gold Coast Suns 8.6 (54) def. by Tassie Mariners 15.9 (99)
Saturday April 14 – Blacktown International Sports Park 

Gold Coast      2.1       3.2       5.5       8.6 (54)
Tasmania        3.1       9.3       10.6     15.9 (99) 

Gold Coast: Smith 2, Burke, Conroy, Graham, Greenwool, Lowah, Scott
Tasmania: Jones 4, Mundy 3, Rubock 3, Banks-Smith 2, Dakin 2, O’Neill

Gold Coast: Koenen, Smith, McDonald, Scott, Graham
Tasmania: Thomas, Auckland, Turner, Jones, House, McGuinness, Gadomski 

Tassie Mariners 9.13 (67) def. Northern Territory 7.10 (52)
Saturday April 21 – Shepley Oval, Dandenong

Tasmania                    2.4       5.7       6.9       9.13 (67)
Northern Territory      0.3       2.4       5.7       7.10 (52)

Tasmania: Thomas 3, Mundy 2, Rubock, Turner, Auton, Lane
Northern Territory: Stevens, Ferreira 2, Schwarze, Mummery, S Cumming

Tasmania: Thomas, Anderton, Baker, Wright, Norton, Mansell
Northern Territory: S Cumming, M Cumming, Baird, Simon

Brisbane Lions 2.2 (14) def. by Tassie Mariners 17.8 (110)
Saturday April 28 – Broadbeach

Brisbane Academy       1.0       1.0       2.1       2.2 (14)
Tasmania                      4.2       8.6       13.7     17.8 (110)

Brisbane Academy: McFadyen, Tozer
Tasmania: Rubock 6, McGuinness 3, Thomas 2, Mundy 2, Banks-Smith 2, Jackson, Chaplin

Brisbane Academy: Marango, Currie, Cowan, McFadyen, Marsh
Tasmania: Anderton, O’Neill, Mansell, Rubock, McGuinness, Norton

Tassie Mariners 18.5 (113) def. Sydney Swans 12.9 (81)
Saturday May 5 – KGV Oval, Glenorchy

Tasmania        6.2       9.3       14.3     18.5 (113)
Sydney                        1.2       5.5       8.7       12.9 (81)

Tasmania: Mundy 3, Dakin 2, Rubock 2, McGuinness 2, Thomas 2, Jones, Mansell, Jackson, Turner, Donnelly, Burrows-Cheng, O’Neill
Sydney: Blakey 3, Barling 2, Stewart 2, Parker 2, Stern, Thorne, Loone 

Tasmania: Thomas, Dakin, Jackson, Baker, Mundy, Jones
Sydney: Stern, Parks, Thorne, Rayner, Blakey, Brewer

IC: Solstice Digital

Tassie Mariners 14.10 (92) def. GWS Giants 7.10 (52) 
Saturday May 12 – Kingston’s Twin Ovals

Tasmania                                            2.2       6.5       9.6       14.10 (94)
Greater Western Sydney Academy   3.4       4.5       5.9       7.10 (52)

Tasmania: Thomas 5, Rubock 3, Dakin, McGuinness, Mundy, Jackson, O’Neill, Peppin
Greater Western Sydney Academy: Peatling 3, Delahunty 2, Corbett, Driscoll

Tasmania: Thomas, Auckland, Jackson, Anderton, Jones, Dakin
Greater Western Sydney Academy: Briggs, Richardson, Peatling, Foley, Walker, Evans


Tasmanian Allies Squad Members:

Mitch Anderton (Lauderdale)

Tim Auckland (Launceston)

Nic Baker (Lauderdale)

Lachlan Gadomski (Tigers)

Ethan Jackson (Launceston)

Chayce Jones (Launceston)

Rhyan Mansell (North Launceston)

Matt McGuinness (Lauderdale)

Baxter Norton (North Hobart)

Mitch O’Neill (North Hobart)

Blair Rubock (Launceston)

Tarryn Thomas (North Launceston) 

Fraser Turner (Clarence)


Gold Coast Academy:

Emmanuel Baru, Ryan Gilmore, Caleb Graham, Dirk Koenan, Bailey Scott, Lachlan McDonald, Connor Budarick, Timakoi Bowie

Brisbane Lions Academy:

Ben Sloan, Jack Tomkinson, Keidan Coleman, Jesse Quint, Connor McFadyen, Toara Marango, Tom Matthews, Darcy Marsh

Greater Western Sydney Academy

Kieran Briggs, Riley Corbett, Jacob Koschitzke, Jeromy Lucas, Guy Richardson, Nick Murray, Matt Walker, James Peatling, Ben Kelly, Thomas Green, Liam Delahunty

Sydney Academy

Joey Reinhard, Josh Stern, Zak Cameron, Kyle McKellar, Nick Blakey, Josh Rayner

Northern Territory

Matt Green, Michael Mummery, Izaak Wyatt, Rodney Baird